We've been busy at finao with these new features!

25 November 2019

At finao, we are continually pushing ourselves to evolve and improve our prime product to ensure we keep up with the ever-changing business environment of our clients and the legislation that drives that need for change. We pride ourselves in our ability to configure our client's systems to fit their organisation's needs, thus providing a positive digital experience which they are in control of.

Our strength lies in our ability to listen to our clients' needs and value their feedback - so much so, that our product plan is based on, and guided by, user feedback. If there have been multiple requests for a feature, we listen, we review, we design and we develop! New features and functions are developed and tested in prime, before being rolled out to our client systems.

Our team continuously works on enhancing the prime features and functions for an even better user experience. Some of the recent new features and functions include:

Resize images
  • We are committed to constantly finding new ways to help you get your job done faster and more efficiently, we have now made it possible for users to reduce the image size before uploading the file
  • As a rule, the larger the image file, the slower the upload speed
  • This new feature reduces the user’s waiting time; especially when working in remote areas with poor connection
  • Reducing the image size can dramatically increase efficiency and reduces waiting time between uploads
  • The new upload widget has been designed to allow users to decrease the size of the image they are uploading to a form
  • Uploading smaller images will be quicker, thus saving time!
Permissions management
  • Controlling access to data is an essential part of ISO27001 system compliance
  • System admins are now able to more efficiently manage permissions by comparing roles and copying permissions from one role to another
  • The permissions page has also been optimised for faster performance
Send Toast
  • Users can now send 'toast' notifications - A toast is a message that pops-up in the top right corner of the system
  • 'Toast' notifications can be sent to individual users, system roles or role types.
Notification management
  • The Notifications console is a centralised management page for all system notifications
  • Notifications are currently emails and toast (watch out as an SMS capability will be added soon)
  • This function allows Admin to select whether an email and/or a toast notification is generated for a system action (until now this was restricted to email only)
  • The purpose of this feature is to reduce a user's email notifications and allow personal direct 'inline' notifications through the system
Forward notifications
  • This has been one of the most requested features of the last 12 months!
  • The 'Forward notifications' feature allows a user to nominate another active user to receive their email notifications
  • This is useful for when a user is away or has been moved (temporarily) to another role
  • The user simply selects the 'Start date and time', 'Finish date and time' and nominates another user to receive the email notifications
Helptip management
  • To assist users, a question mark icon can now be displayed next to a form field
  • If clicked, the question mark icon will display information about how to complete the field
  • Helptips are created and managed through a manage table, which lists all current and deactivated helptips.
  • A user can now 'follow' a reference and be notified when it is updated
  • References can now be updated to a new version whilst keeping the old versions - This means that old versions of references are still available for auditing purposes
  • If a user is a 'follower' of a reference that has been updated, they will be notified via a toast of the update
Dropdown management
  • This feature allows system Admins to manage the content of dropdown fields
  • Dropdown fields are listed in a dedicated manage table and the field contents can be added, edited and re-ordered
Monitoring inactive users
  • A new feature has been added to the user module to allow effective management of inactive users
  • There will be a new tab in the user management table labelled INACTIVE which will feature any user who has not logged in for 30 days (or more)
  • The user will still be active but will feature in both the 'Active' / 'Current' tabs, as well as the 'Inactive' tab
  • There is also the ability to auto-deactivate after 12 months
  • Note: 30 days and 12 months is the default setting and can be configured as required through the Admin panel
Mark comms as read/unread
  • This feature enables users to personally mark a Communication (Comms) form as read (or unread)
  • Users will be able to mark a Comms as read by;
    • Viewing the form or
    • Clicking the icon in the manage table
  • If a Comms has been marked as read and a new comment is added to it, then it will be marked as 'unread'
  • If a Comms is closed before the user reads it, the form will still display an unread status

We are already working hard on the next set of exciting new features and look forward to your feedback and feature requests.

New features include:

  • Adding SMS as a notification option
  • 2-factor authentication
  • New virus scanner for uploads
  • Updating the features of user inductions (instead of one induction to all it can be one induction to one user)