Privacy Policy


We treat your privacy seriously and in line with the NSW privacy laws.

Data Collection

We only collect relevant personal information for lawful purposes directly related to our activities.

Data Security

We protect personal information from misuse and unauthorised access.

Data Use

We only use your personal information in certain circumstances.

Data Awareness

We ensure that staff who deal with your information are aware of their obligations to protect privacy.

Data Disclosure

We never disclose information. We'll only disclose personal information to third parties if:

Data Accuracy

We attempt to keep your contact information as up-to-date as possible. We will confirm the details are correct when you contact us.

Privacy enquiries or complaints

If you have any questions or wish to discuss a privacy issue, please email us at

Privacy on our website and applications

The analytics system we use to gather information about visitor activity on our website and mobile app uses cookies.

We don't use this to identify you, but to aggregate results. This helps us evaluate and improve our services. When you use our website / web applications, some information is logged automatically, such as:

Scams and hoaxes

We'll never contact you by email and ask for personal information such as your password, username, credit card or bank account details.

If you're unsure about an email from finao call us on 02 9160 4317 to check.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy and would like further information, please contact us by email.