Digitally transforming businesses

About Us

finao offers a secure, private, global digital platform that allows organisations to digitally transform their business operations and processes to suit the ever-changing needs of the business.

Our systems are designed to consider the industry and government legislation as well as end users/customers.

We take existing processes, workflows and forms onto our digital platform, automating your 'business intelligence’ to enable efficiencies across organisations.

finao works with large government and private organisations to digitise existing forms and workflow to increase business efficiency, reduce resource requirements, reduce operational costs and thereby providing the right employees with the right information, in a timely manner for business critical decisions as well as process management.

Through our base applications, finao provides both ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions as well as complex customised solutions based on business variations and specific needs. We work directly with clients as consultants, ensuring they meet not only the specific business requirements defined but also consider and integrate industry and government legislation.

finao deal with structured and unstructured data and can integrate with any other platforms to ensure efficiency and ‘a single source of truth’. This ensures data is not doubled up across multiple systems thus providing incorrect analytics and reports.

Our solutions are securely cloud hosted and can be accessed from any internet connected device. We respect data sovereignty and are compliant with a range of cyber security standards.