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What we do

We digitise offline, paper based forms, processes and workflow into efficient and user-friendly online systems with automatically generated notifications, predetermined automated workflow and real time reporting. All of this customised to our clients specific business requirements.
We listen to you. We’ll get together to understand exactly what you need an online system to do. We investigate the processes you currently use, who uses them and how we could automate and increase the efficiency of those processes. Together, we’ll agree on the components you need, and develop a list of deliverables, tasks, goals, responsibilities, costs and timeframes.
We get to work on the look and feel of your system. We look at each component and agree on how we can customise those to best meet your requirements. This phase focuses on the user experience so that it’s simple and logical to use as well as looking good.
We bring together the deliverables (back-end) with the design (front-end) to make a functional interface. This is the phase where our team of developers take charge. We use agile methodology to deliver the system in phases. Testing is iterative and can take place while the next components are being developed. This allows us to be flexible to allow the system to develop as we go (based on your feedback).
Management is about the planning, organising and co-ordinating of resource to deliver the project to the agreed scope. Once delivered the management phase continues to ensure the solution meets the agreed goals on an on-going basis.



Terry Down Director Tom Worrall Dev Manager Phoebe Mchugh Project Manager Tanmay Chowdhury Project Support Bo Yuan Developer Feiyang Ye Developer Jiayu Shen Developer Anna Cottrell Finance

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