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How to choose a system to manage your data

The need for utilities to go digital is generally understood, but the question of how to best go about digitising current paper based systems, such as incident reporting and safety systems, can present a challenge. One key decision when implementing an online management system is whether you should invest in a customised system, or buy an off-the-shelf solution that is ready to go.


8 reasons you need an online Safety System

In my opinion there are 8 very good reasons to adopt an online system versus the traditional paper-based system.


Digital efficiency

Australia’s booming population growth has created a need for new water infrastructure and more maintenance on existing assets to cater for the increased demand. With so many projects underway it’s essential that they are managed properly on all levels and contractors are competent and compliant with legislation and safety requirements, meaning efficiency is key.


NSW Government Advanced Supplier List

finao has been successful in its application to the new NSW Government ICT Services Advanced Registration Suppliers List.


TOGAF 9 certification

After a period of intensive classroom study and 2 x exams, Terry Down recently gained his TOGAF 9 certification.


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