We’re excited to announce that we’re rebranding

05 July 2020

After 11 years we decided it was time to refresh our branding. To that end we are delighted to launch our new logo. The new logo has a more vibrant orange, this orange conveys excitement and enthusiasm. As part of our new brand identity, our company name will be written slightly differently; from FiNAO to finao and our platform product PRiME will be written as prime. These efforts show the evolution of finao since its founding and our commitment to continuous improvement.  You will start to see these rebranding changes on our website, social media profiles, email signatures, signage and all communications.  As you notice these changes feel free to take the opportunity to connect with us by following us on LinkedIn, visiting our website news blog, or contacting us via support@finao.com.au with any questions.


What does this mean for you?

While these changes are a significant rebranding update, our core beliefs have not changed and it is business as usual for our clients. As such, we will continue to deliver projects with the same agility, efficiency and professionalism that you are used to!