prime: Latest features

07 April 2020

At finao, we are continually pushing ourselves to evolve and improve our prime product to ensure we keep up with the ever-changing business environment of our clients and the legislation that drives that need for change. Our strength lies in our ability to listen to our client's needs and value their feedback - so much so, that our product plan is based on, and guided by, user feedback. If there have been multiple requests for a feature, we listen, we review, we design and we develop!

New features and functions are developed and tested in prime, before being rolled out to our client systems. Our team continuously works on enhancing prime features and functions for an even better user experience. Some of the recent new features and functions include:


New form and module features

Information widget
  • A new information widget has been added to the homepage, this currently displays current date and time, location, weather and UV index
  • This provides the user with relevant up-to-date information, especially for those working outdoors
  • This widget can be customised, as required to your specific needs - Let us know what information would work for you!
Maps: Multiple pins on the same location
  • The maps module has the capability to display pins for the different geographical locations that are mapped from different forms
  • If there are multiple pins on the same location, a table will be displayed and users will be able to see all the details of all forms relevant to that location 


Auditing and Security

finao understands the requirements for an information security management system  to comply with ISO: 270001, we understand ISO: 270001 and the implications for our systems and for your data security.

Auto-deactivating users and marking users as inactive
  • Admin can now automatically manage inactive users by configuring;
    • The number of inactive days before users are marked as inactive
    • The number of months of inactivity for users to be automatically deactivated
  • Inactive users would be notified (via email) prior to their profile being deactivated
2-factor authentication
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA) provides a way of 'double-checking' that you are really the person you are claiming to be when logging into the system
  • Users will receive a code via SMS when accessing the system for the first time
  • This provides a much stronger defence for your account and it is recommended that the feature is turned on to comply with ISO 270001
  • As well as being used when users are first registered, it can be activated to work periodically to provide a regular user check
  • Admin can turn periodic checking on/ off and also determine the validity period of SMS code verification
Delegate Permissions
  • Admin can now delegate the permissions management of forms and modules to other roles 
  • Users with those roles will then be able to manage permissions as required
  • This means that the system can have 'multiple admins' across multiple modules 
Form auditing
  • finao has greatly improved the auditing capability of system forms (who did what and when)
  • This includes a new process for form version control and the ability to highlight edited fields between versions so users know exactly what has been updated
Induction document management
  • This module allows Admin to manage Induction documents
  • Inductions can be related to individuals, teams or roles
  • If an induction document is updated then the system allows a toast to be sent to all relevant users for them to re-induct, acknowledge receipt and or review


Communication, notifications and references

Send Comms to non-registered recipients
  • A Comms form can now be sent to non-registered recipients allowing communications to be shared to a wider audience
  • This means that you can communicate through your system to people who are not registered in the system
  • Non-registered recipients can also respond by replying to the email, this response would be displayed as a standard comment in the Comms form
Sharing References with non-registered recipients
  • A reference is usually only accessible by registered users, references can now also be shared with non-registered users
  • When uploading a reference the user selects whether the reference can be accessible externally (or not)
  • If yes, then a link becomes available that can be used as required
  • For example, the link can be used with the Comms feature outlined above

The ability to utilise SMS has been widely requested by many businesses. We have therefore integrated an SMS gateway into our system to allow SMS to be used as a notification option as well as the ability to mass broadcast SMS.

SMS notification templates
  • SMS can now be selected as a notification method (along with email and toast)
  • This provides greater flexibility to Admin to distinguish between the different communications being generated
  • SMS can be used for high impact / instant notifications
Broadcast SMS
  • Admin will now be able to broadcast SMS messages to system users, roles, role types or users with specific permission
  • This greatly increases the communication ability and options for system owners / admins