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NSW Government Advanced Supplier List

NSW ICT Services

FiNAO has been successful in its application to the new NSW Government ICT Services Advanced Registration Suppliers List.

The Scheme – SCM00020 – is a streamlined way to deliver information and communications technology services to NSW Government. It offers Government agencies a competitive tendering process and access to high-quality, vetted suppliers with a demonstrated track record. The Scheme also allows NSW Government a continuous gateway to emerging talent and technologies and removes red tape for businesses that satisfy the assessment criteria.

Placement on the Advanced Registered Supplier List allows FiNAO to provide services for high-risk / complex contracts (valued at over $150k).

FiNAO is an approved provider of the following categories:

  • A01 Enterprise & Business Architecture
  • A02 Information Architecture
  • A03 Solution Architecture
  • B01 Benchmarking
  • C03PTa GovDC Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • C05PTa GovDC Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • C06PTa Migration Services and Cloud Readiness
  • E03 Efficiency & Optimisation
  • G02 Digitisation including delivery "as a service"
  • I02 Project, Program & Portfolio Management
  • I03 Change Management
  • I04 Quality Assurance & Compliance
  • M01 Business Analysis
  • M02 Custom Application Development including delivery "as a service"
  • M03 Services including Electronic Document & Records Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Case Management Services including delivery "as a service"
  • M04 Other software services including delivery "as a service"
  • M05 Information Management Services including delivery "as a service"
  • M07 Software Support & Maintenance Services including delivery "as a service"