Managing workflow and tasks

19 February 2021

One of the outcomes of this pandemic is that it has changed how we work. Working remotely has become standard across organisations. But how do you manage task workflow, understand the status of various tasks (in the workflow) and manage accountability whilst also keeping stakeholders informed?

Many systems manage communication and collaboration but if you are following workflow or a business process how is that effectively managed? How do you know who has current responsibility and how long they have to complete the task? And what you currently have to do?

You take it for granted in an office environment that you can shout across the office or have a chat over coffee about projects you are working on and maybe giving co-workers a nudge when they lag behind. But how does this happen when working remotely? And what happens if you are still using paper forms and processes? This becomes very difficult to manage remotely, scanning documents and sending via emails works but is it effective? Is it the best use of available technology?

This is where online management systems and automation comes in.

finao works with you to convert paper based forms and processes into online, automated forms that provide all the essential information to the right people in a timely manner. Additionally we can provide internal and external, realtime dashboards to keep stakeholders informed. finao systems uses your business smarts, based on data entered, to provide the best workflow. By automating your processes, you can ensure that employees are following specific procedures that comply with industry standards and regulations

There are multiple benefits of automating your business (and moving away from paper based forms and processes);

  • Reduce the time taken on tasks - Increasing productivity and lowering admin costs
  • Improve communication and collaboration - Reducing random emails (in multiple strings), SMS, phone calls and internet chats
  • Improving visibility and accountability - Monitoring responsibility
  • Reduce repetitive tasks, such as double entry of data - Improve consistency and quality of data and minimising human errors
  • Ensure the correct process is followed - Introducing automation
  • Effective task management - Enabling your people to focus on the tasks that are most urgent
  • Generate relevant and timely notifications - Effective and relevant communication
  • Generate effective and relevant management reports and dashboards - Make informed realtime decisions


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