DLP case study

20 May 2021


Defect Manager is a company that specialises in post construction defect resolution between developers, builders and unit owners, within the set Defects Liability Period (DLP). The majority of defects are small but the volume is very high, resulting in problems tracking and managing the process.


After selection from a competitive tender, finao was asked to develop a simple online management system to make it easy to track and manage the entire process.


After a research and discovery process with DLP Manager, finao implemented it’s three stage development process.

  1. Partner and Prime – We developed a close working relationship to enhance our understanding of the Defect Manager business, it’s stakeholders and challenges. Our exclusive Prime system was selected and implementation began immediately.
  2. Track, feedback, review, optimise – The system was monitored 24/7 with a dedicated finao Project Manager reviewing feedback (through online tickets) and implementing any changes needed to optimise workflow (through regular releases).
  3. Agile product delivery – Like all of clients, Defect Manager had been living with their challenge long before appointing us. Once we have identified the most effective solution it is deployed immediately and we then refine and tailor it to suit you, even if your business is changing or evolving as we move forward. It’s a continuous delivery and management process as your unique product develops in realtime.

Testing and user training happens at every stage to maximise efficiency.


Defect Manager had a live product within 3 months of engaging finao. The Defect Management system deals with the building developers, the builders, the contractors and most importantly the unit owners. The system is easy to access and is user friendly for the various stakeholders involved in the defect management process. 

What our client thinks

“When pitching the idea to multiple developers finao stood out because of their proactive approach to make our system function. In a very niche field Terry and his team have taken my system goals and made them their own. The team at finao are dedicated and loyal. They offer solutions to my requests to ensure the continued success of the system. The end result is we have a flawless system that is user friendly and easy to manage. The admin features allow my team to effectively manage the users from any device.”

Chris Polin
Defect Manager

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