Benefits of Online Timesheets

28 June 2021

Manual timesheet management can be time consuming, and inefficient, with inaccuracies becoming costly mistakes that may not be revealed for a long time. The entry and approval process can involve a range of supervisors and managers, with errors that may lead to over or under payment not being detected for weeks, or even months. This is just one problem that will be resolved easily with an automated process tailored to your business and workforce.

An online timesheet system has clear bottom line benefits which are evident from day one.

Below is a snapshot of how any business can benefit from a tailored online timesheet system.

  1. 24/7 Access
    • 24/7 access via any internet connected device is convenient for all users. An intuitive interface provides a quick and simple way to submit for users of all abilities. Online timesheets allow real time viewing and management of attendance, working hours, sickness, overtime, leave and fatigue management. An unplanned employee absence can be tracked and managed in real time to minimise disruption
  2. Fast, trackable approval process
    • Customised approval process – Timesheet approvals are customised to your organisation and specific processes. All relevant stakeholders are connected and can follow the processing workflow.
  3. Applied intelligence to minimise error and increase efficiency
    • The system utilises applied intelligence. This means checks and measures are in place as soon as the user has submitted a timesheet. Identifying and correcting an error can be done in realtime and, in some cases, the correction automated. This will increase data integrity, improve accuracy, and reduce administrative involvement
  4. Instant notifications for easy participation
    • A range of notifications can be generated to;
      • prompt and encourage completion
      • confirm completion
      • highlight any issues
      • request further information / clarification
      • prompt approval / processing
      • confirm compliancy
  5. Instant reports to identify patterns and trends
    • You have immediate access to a range of reports and data for analysis from a single database. This can help to identify patterns, trends, or issues, that may improve efficiency and save costs. The data from your system also provides an audit-able trial should any analysis be required
  6. Shared responsibility that empowers employees
    • Your customised system will reduce the administrative workload on the HR department and empower your staff with the responsibility of entering and editing their own records, which they will also be able to view at any time.


finao specialises in digitising offline, paper based forms, processes and workflow into efficient and user-friendly online systems with automatically generated notifications, predetermined automated workflow and real time reporting. All of this customised to our clients specific business requirements.

Our systems are used to manage complex construction and infrastructure projects as well as meeting your WHS obligations in one of the most highly regulated safety environments in the world. We understand your reporting and monitoring obligations are extensive and demanding. A finao system can help you take control of the processes - not the other way round.

Contact us now to find out how we can help with the design and implementation of an online timesheet management system.