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8 reasons you need an online Safety Systems

I am often asked why a company would need an online Safety System. In my opinion there are 8 very good reasons to adopt an online system versus the traditional paper-based system.

1. Legislation

  • Ensure you meet your legislative requirements - Our systems can demonstrate you are doing what is reasonably practicable to meet your WHS requirements.
  • Provides an auditable trial from initial reporting through management to close off - Ability to facilitate and prove consultation with all relevant parties
  • Provides a documented process (for Quality)
  • Allows workers to identify risks and report incidents (and near misses)

2. Efficiency

  • No more struggling with paper forms or endless phone tag between workers on site and managers on the move
  • Reduced lead-time, with the speed and agility to respond to changing market circumstances
  • Reduction of admin tasks and therefore operating costs - No more double or triple handling of data or paper forms to file
  • Interoperability with existing business systems if required – Use data for multiple purposes across business disciplines

3. Accessibility

  • Smart devices are ubiquitous - Simply log in and all your data and workflow is at your fingertips
  • No additional hardware or software required for a FiNAO system
  • Your system is accessible 24/7 from any location
  • FiNAO systems are charged per system not per user

4. Workflow

  • Automates and simplifies complex and often confusing processes
  • Form workflow is automated to suit your needs, eg. Report > Review > Assess > Close out

5. Notifications

  • Generate immediate email and / or SMS notifications to keep stakeholders up-to-date
  • Generate relevant notifications based on the data that has been entered, ie. based on the type and / or priority of incident
  • Nominate what notifications are sent, when, how often and what format
  • Generate prompts if stakeholders are not responsive or simply tardy – Supports accountability

6. Real-time

  • See who is doing what as it happens
  • Make proactive decisions based on real-time information
  • Provides senior management with real-time vision

7. Reports

  • Data accessible in real-time to make informed decisions
  • Ability to analyse reports and worker feedback
  • Generate, view and share configurable reports (as JPG, PDF or excel)

8. Security

  • Single authentication method used for access
  • Your data is 'hashed' and hosted in a secure cloud environment (using industry best practice)

FiNAO specialises in digitising offline, paper based forms, processes and workflow into efficient and user-friendly online systems with automatically generated notifications, predetermined automated workflow and real time reporting. All of this customised to our clients specific business requirements.

Our systems are used to manage complex construction and infrastructure projects as well as meeting your WHS obligations in one of the most highly regulated safety environments in the world. We understand your reporting and monitoring obligations are extensive and demanding. A FiNAO system can help you take control of the processes - not the other way round.