10 years working with Sydney Water

09 July 2021

Communication and collaboration, the key to 10 years of success working with Sydney Water.

Sydney Water have been key to our company's growth and success. We are very proud of the work we have done thanks to the relationship that has been developed over the years. As with all of our clients, our focus on building and developing a strong relationship has given us a unique and tacit understanding of Sydney Water’s current and future business needs. It has improved the quality of our work and given us the experience and insight to take a proactive approach and continue to add value.

Regular and efficient communication is the key to our relationship. Keeping it timely and efficient means, we are always on the same page and well aware of upcoming deadlines for new features and functions. We develop trust and transparency by documenting everything in Confluence. Confluence provides all stakeholders with access to the journey we have had over the years. We have many years of files and an auditable trial of the project development which is available as and when required.

Two major systems in market:

  • SWDelivery
    • The SWDelivery portal is a cloud-based application enabling Sydney Water’s Program Delivery team and their System and Asset Planning Partners to effectively initiate, collaborate on and manage the progress of design and construction projects with Design Consultants, Delivery Contractors and other project team members
    • The system collects data from all parties through several modules and forms, each with its own defined workflow and notifications generated in line with pre-determined system rules and user role permissions
    • SWDelivery portal then integrates and presents this data in a customised and consumable format specific to the user’s requirements
    • The development focus in recent times has been to digitise existing manual forms and processes that are critical in the project delivery lifecycle (e.g., Payment Claims, Works to Proceed, Change Events, Defects etc.)
    • This enables the standardisation of processes and facilitates process control and business intelligence throughout the project lifecycle
    • The SWDelivery portal currently supports Sydney Water’s Partnering for Success (P4S) 10-year works delivery programme
    • With further system integration, namely with PowerBI reporting capabilities, the SWDelivery platform will further enhance management of Project Delivery
  • SWConnect
    • SWConnect is an integrated one-stop cloud-based solution that provides Sydney Water’s business partners with easy and transparent real-time access to its services
    • SWConnect has built-in, automatic workflows, KPIs / notice periods, milestone notifications, escalations and reporting
    • Individual modules manage operational activities from design through to commissioning of new assets, as well as managing the response to environmental harm incidents
    • The system has improved operational efficiencies, replacing various paper-based forms and email processes with robust digital forms and workflow processes 


For a small company like finao, we consider this a major milestone and is testament to both the individual talent and the teamwork within our team. We continue to deliver work of the highest quality to Sydney Water. We do what we say we will do and deliver on our promises, we always push ourselves to exceed expectations.

We are still as excited about working with Sydney Water in 2021 as we were on the first day in 2011. We approach every meeting and every opportunity with the same high level of energy and enthusiasm that has made our partnership successful.

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